It has been a long and amazing road, but the first phase of Just One Step is complete.  And when we say phase, we mean the creation of the film.  From the first seed that was planted to the original direction, to the redirection to the shooting to the post production to the final touches, Just One Step is finished!

What does that mean exactly?  Well it means picture lock obviously, and it means also that we are now shifting our focus to the more business/managerial type things, like defining a strategy for the film going forward.  We always had a rough idea, but the production of the actual film always took precedence and we also realized the final form of the film would have some influence on where we went with it.

The strategy of course includes a film festival strategy, distribution, screenings, a tour perhaps and more. We are in the process of sussing all that out of course.  But in the interim we have started the submission process for a number of festivals as the season is fast approaching.  Once the first wave is complete, we’ll devise a strategy on how to move forward.

Just one step at a time right?  But we are here.  It’s been an amazing road filled with all kinds of ups and downs trials, tribulations, joy and knowledge.  It has been incredible, and the result is an amazing film we think you will really enjoy for a lot of reasons- not the least of which is asking you to take a look at yourself and the world around you, and how you fit into it and how running could help define that.  We can’t wait for you to see it!

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